5 Ingots per box.

Amber® Press is the lithium disilicate-based press Ingotwith high strength and minimal reaction layer for the efficient workability and excellent aesthetics. The biaxial flexural strength of restorations made of Amber® Pressafter crystallization is 460 MPa. With superior properties, complete your work yielding incomparable results. Amber® Press is the suitable press material for the efficiency and safetyat the same time. Since only few amount of reaction layer would be on the result, users don`t need to apply the acid liquid, which enable the work procedure to be simple and easy, leading as nonhazardous process. Amber® Press ingots are compatible with diverse veneering materials for lithium disilicate.Accordingly users would feel satisfied with familiar materials, and work efficiency would be higher.


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Amber Press


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    Our founders have been involved in the field of Digital Dentistry for over 20 years and have partnered with Dentists who combine to have experience for over 70 years ensuring a quality product in an efficient manner. This experience is essential as we promise to deliver you the best quality product and aim to do it in a seamless manner.

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