Frequently asked questions

Amber Mill

01. What is Amber® Mill’s strength? (Before & after the translucency heat-treatment)

For milling 250MPa Final restoration Over 450MPa

02. Will there be any change in the strength after veneering and baking?

Veneering powder supplements microcracks on surface of core and relieves surface compressive stress from coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) difference. This has a positive influence on the strength increase.

03. What powders are compatible with Amber® Mill?

Amber® Mill is compatible with a wide variety of veneering powders. As to the powders for lithium disilicate, those powders with CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) less than or equal to 10.0 x 10-6 / °C are compatible. Zirconia powders with baking temperature under 850 °C are also compatible with Amber® Mill.

04. How is the milling processability of Amber® Mill? (For a single crown milled by Sirona CEREC MC XL)

05. What shades and thickness are available for Amber® Mill Disk?

Shade (19) Thickness (3)


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